Useful Websites

There are thousands of websites dealing with Crypto currencies. Here are some of the more useful ones.

Binance's Glossary of Crypto Terms -

An excellent, up-to-date glossary of all the terms for Crypto.

CoinGecko -

Up to the minute crypto prices for the top 100 crypto, with trends (1 hour, 24 hour, 7 day), 24 hour volume of transfers, market cap, and last 7 days graph.

BlockChain -

Wallet, Exchange services, and blockchain explorer.

  • Wallet for holding your crypto online.
  • Exchange to buy & sell crypto (although I use Binance).
  • The Explorer allows you to enter any address and see the balance and history of that address.

EtherScan -

"The Ethereum Blockchain Explorer". Very similar to Blockchain allowing you to explore the Ethereum blockchain.

Real Vision -

Free online video channel for everything Crypto