David's love of programming started at a very early age. His dad owning the first computer store in Canada, allowed him access to computers when they were a ridiculous size.

Through his high school years he was hired on by the Toronto District School Board to do some of their programming. He was excited by this position as he was doing something he loved to do and earning a wage. He even made top dollar for that position. While raising his 4 children with his wife and working, he still found time to indulge in his passion for computers and long before the Internet existed, he was running a successful BBS (bulletin board system).

In 1999, the City of Toronto hired David to help in the upgrades needed for the City to function come the year 2000. Although this was a short contract with the city, he later went on and worked with the Seventh Day Adventist church constructing a health benefit program for their employees. At the same time as working with the church, he developed a new passion and this is where he started to dabble in website design. With a handful of clients who needed websites, he ventured off into the newest trend.

Up until 2003, David was kept busy with helping his clients reach their full potential. In 2003, he finally got around to attending University for his degree in Computer Science. He graduated Cum Laude, but not before he helped in the upgrading and development of one of the program courses for his program. During his University years, he was also working with the University's President's Office, Vice-President's Office, University Secretary, and Privacy & Freedom Office constructing their new websites. He was often sought out by his professors to tutor, teach, mark and invigilate exams. His final year of University and in collaboration with Charlena, and his test clinic, he developed an online Patient Management System that was both interactive with the patient and the provider. The program metamorphed and reshaped as the test clinic critiqued the program to its completion.

Although David has always considered himself a father first, he recognized that his passion has been what has supported his family through the years and is very thankful that he was introduced into the computer era in its early stages by his dad. He feels honoured to have been able to raise his family while having "fun", something which most people seek, but never find.

  • Published Photographer
  • Web Developer



Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science Cum Laude, Laurentian University

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science Cum Laude

Credentials of Ministry, Universal Life Church

Credentials of Ministry

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion, Universal Life Church

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion

Doctor of Divinity (Honorary), Universal Life Church

Doctor of Divinity (Honorary)

TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, International Open Academy


Offshore Yachtmaster (Sail), Royal Yachting Association

Commercial Offshore Yachtmaster (Sail)

Professional Practices and Responsibilities, Royal Yachting Association

Professional Practices and Responsibilities

GMDSS Short Range Radio Certified, Royal Yachting Association

RYA Short Range Communication

First Aid Certified, Royal Yachting Association

RYA First Aid



Letter of Reference, Doctor Shapiro, DC

Reference - Dr. Shapiro

Letter of Reference, Doctor Djetvai, DC

Reference - Dr. Djetvai

Letter of Reference, Doctor K, DC

Reference - Dr. K

Letter of Reference, Lydia Burton

Reference - Lydia Burton

Reference - Lydia Burton

Letter of Reference, Leslie and Mitch Latham

Reference - Leslie and Mitch Latham


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